PT1.1: Engineering Goals

Objective of Task: To design and make a model motor bridge which displays high structural efficiency i.e. high strength- to-weight ratio.

Dimensions of ice-cream sticks:
  • Length: 113 mm
  • Width: 10 mm
  • Thickness: 2 mm
Dimensions of bridge:
  • Length: 550mm - 650mm
  • Width: Max. 120mm
  • Height: Max. 200mm
  • Weight: Max. 500g

Attaching the ice-cream sticks:
  • Ice-cream sticks can be cut or joined in any fashion
  • Joining can be done using adhesive/ glue only
  • No other materials such as string, tape, wire is allowed
  • Bridge may be stained, coated or painted in any fashion

Testing the load of the bridge:
  • Structural efficiency of the bridge = Load supported in grams/ mass of bridge in grams
  • The load will be added using a loading bar placed across the centre of the deck
  • Masses will be supported on a suspended vertical loading rod
  • Loading will stop once bridge failure occurs
    • any member or bridge breaking
    • total collapse

Goal for our team = More than 200 Efficiency


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